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Facials & LED

A facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. A multi-step skin treatment, it cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin; promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion that can help your skin look younger.

Skin care specialists recommend that people have a professional facial about every three to four weeks. That’s how long it takes your skin to move through the full life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation.

A facial helps that process along. Regular treatments will keep your skin clean, clear, and toned. Treating yourself to a facial once every 4 to 6 weeks can benefit your skin in many ways. Besides promoting relaxation, regular facials provide many benefits, including noticeable improvements to your skin tone, texture and  appearance. 

If you’re seeking healthier, clearer and more beautiful skin, a regular facial can make a dramatic difference. 

Light therapy is a treatment that may help skin, muscle tissue, and other parts of your body heal. It exposes you to low levels of red or near-infrared light. Infrared light is a type of energy your eyes can’t see, but your body can feel as heat. Red light is similar to infrared, but you can see it.  Red Light therapy works to stimulate skins natural production of collagen and elastin, helping to plump fine lines over time. It increases blood circulation, oxygenation and helps restore optimum cell function.  The result is a plumper, smoother and radiant skin.

NIR- Near Infrared light offers advanced rejuvenation benefits, calms redness and irritation and helps to reduce pigmentation, calms the inflammatory response and can accelerate post treatment healing. 

Can be used on most parts of the body, available as an add in to your facial or as a stand alone treatment option

Dermaviduals Derma Express

The Derma Express Facial Treatment is a 30-minute treatment that has been designed to provide fresh, radiant skin and is a great introduction to Dermaviduals and
Corneotherapy. This deep cleansing treatment will revitalise and improve the complexion of the skin.
Suitable for all skin types of any age.

30min + (15min Consult)

Ginger & Me Mindfulness Facial

A beautiful skin-mind experience created for skin health and mental well-being. An experience guaranteed to leave your skin glowing and your mind calm.
The first GINGER&ME treatment for all skins and the only one for a one-off game-changing treatment. This facial not only treats various skin conditions and ageing, but also your mind, by incorporating a mindfulness meditation session – ensuring that beauty starts from the inside out. As a result, this facial will take you where no other has before!

1hr + (15min Consult)

Dermaviduals Bespoke Facial Treatment

Using the wide range of Dermaviduals serums and concentrates available, we have the freedom to customise a Dermaviduals facial specifically for YOUR skin concerns. Whether you want your treatment to focus on anti-ageing, pigmentation, hyper-sensitive skin, acne or just pure pampering, we select a bespoke combination of therapeutic extracts and serums to suit your unique skins needs.

1hr + (15min Consult)

The Hybrid

A totally relaxing treatment combining a soothing back, neck & scalp massage with a beautiful mini Dermaviduals cleanse and facial massage/facial. 

60 min

90 min

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